Jetwell Houseware Ltd is the leading Houseware Developer. It specializes in developing wide range of products to be used at home:


Jetwell has been working in houseware business since 1993. We specializes in wide range of products to be used at home and for lifestyles in 8 main categories
– COOKWARE: pots and pans for fry, broil, simmer, stew, steam, serve, bake, roast; sometimes sauté , braise & whistle water kettle
– BAKEWARE: pans for bake, roast, loaf, cookie, cake; sometimes pie & lasagna
– DRINKWARE: tumbler, bottle, mug, cool cup
– TABLEWARE: dinning set, coffee set, fondue
– PREPWARE: mixing & measuring, kitchen tools & accessories
– STORAGE: canister, tin, storage & organization
– OUTDOOR: cook & serve, grill & chill, gardening & camping
– PETWARE:pet bowl & storage
The products are designed to fit for purpose by using mixture of materials including enamel steel, stainless steel, galvanize steel, carbon steel, aluminum, silicone, wood, etc… We aim to supply quality products at competitive price and therefore add value to customers in terms of quality, design, variety & functionality and instant inventory for local and international drop shipping.
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